Monday, April 14, 2008


Sally and I were trying to think about a name for it, but in it would be a way of getting people out on their bikes in a formum where it's acceptable to be on a bike and not seem like an alien.

The event would be a free bike maintenance clinic to get people ready for May's Bike to Work month.

We'd publicize the fact that bicycle professionals will be on hand in the Guiseppi's parking lot on some Saturday to serve people who bike (or drive?!) their bikes to the site.

We'd like to do that soon, obviously.

Anyone who wants to help, please come to the next meeting!

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trudeau said...

The minute you give me a go-ahead I'll put it on Sptblog. And my blog at

Email to selected teachers at Byrd, Magnet, MSS, S'field, etc might be be a good investment.