Monday, April 14, 2008

Barely edited notes from last meeting... though "barely's" not nothing!

Ian Webb, Maurice Loridans, Sally Spruel, Jon Soul, Charles Gerrard, and Loren Demerath in attendance.

IW: making certain streets free of parking
make bike paths, have designated parking, and have complete streets with bike lanes
IW, ML, ML, SS: “i'd be in favor of that”
ML, SS: publicizing certain routes minimizes need for more intentional paths and lanes.
SS: many will be sick to stomach cuz of worries of crime...
JW: statistically, property values go up and crime down.
IW: can take control (in virginia claimed territory from homeless people to make it more public)
IW: pinchpoints and chicanes to calm traffic
SS: i can't go west or east... trapped between fast cars, and now possibly criminals on the bike path?
IW: actual bike path route is on fern side
SS: at least consider traffic calming and complete street format on Gilbert
ML: can do that; if you go to a City Council meeting and speak; everyone gets a few minutes of floor time; can say, “
SS: struck by small area we're talking about; cargill's the most used park need to get ther; analogy for fear aspect is allies, which we've for the most part dismanteled, some parts of city still have them
IW: Providence is putting in allies

SS: need a meaningful network of routes we can use to go places we'd go to anyway.
IW: a wider one could handle both lanes, cinders are better, parks and shopping and schools, we should look at safe routes to school; our society will tend to be uncomfortable with kids going to school alone...
ML: price per gallon will make people more accepting of walking with kids.
IW: not true; i haven't sold more bikes
ML: could be a threshhold effect
ML: crossing from Broadmore to Centenary, it's tough but a crossing would help by Beverly
LD: one possibility is small things that like the bikable streets

[Later, returning to this: IW: ped/bike crossings over bayous]

All talk about routes to Southfield/Steinmart Mall, Cuban Liquor, etc.
ML: it's o.k. to use lanes where the speed differential is high, as you move into rural areas (the article he sent shows that) but elsewhere it teaches bikes don't belong elsewhere
IW: we're responsible for our own safety; mirrors on glasses (ML displayed his); when I bike with my trailer with it's flag for carrying kids, cars avoid me like the plague);
LD: higher standard for new techs'; vs. our seatbelts and air bags in cars, spee limits, etc.; bikes aren't going to be without responsible use either.
SS: I tried to get a green bike at Regions bank... do we have people in city government thinking about this? taking charge of this?
ML: city ordinances should account for green bike parking, etc. Tim Wachtel put bike parking outside city offices
IW: Tim is hoping we create a groundswell of support for this. My conversations with Tim have been starting a non-profit or something, maybe this group, for doing things that would show our effectiveness and presence that would build a track record of success and reputation.
SS: We could get a whole bunch of people who own those businesses and facilitate bike racks and walking paths? that would allow us publicize something like “Walking to Wine on Wednesdays”
SS: Ian, you could help... you help me get a bike with a trailor, and I'll use it.
IW: May is bike to work month.
ML: there is a ... in Victoria Canada there's a bike coop; can go and use their tools; targetting the night ninja types that--

IW: could target the area we're going to use... post signs, circulate flyers in mailboxes, etc.
LD: next week we continue planning for this project? in addition to working on application for the EPA Smart Growth Implementation Assistance program?
ALL: Yes.
(brief talk re: gladstone area partnership's success sets precedence for success and grant apps elsewhere...)

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