Time for ABetterShreveport

This week was a lively show on the "Texas Avenue Midnight Special" with Nadine Charity, and "The Science of Generosity" exhibit at Sciport (Karen Wissing) cosponsored by the Community Foundation (Margo Schideler).

The week after Labor Day Monday (a day off) the guest is tentatively Ann Fumarolo from Sciport who may be talking about her prison program that connects prisoners to their visiting children.

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In the past year, the Time for A Better Shreveport hosts have hosted quite an array of interviewees. Among them:
Michael Hughes, Hughes Recycling
Michael Corbin, Spt City Council
Jeff Everson, Spt City Council
Oliver Jenkins, Spt City Council
Nancy Larned, Green issues consultant
Maurice Loridans, bicycle advocate attorney, ABS board member
Cynthia Keith, Dog Park Alliance, ABS board member
Susan Keith, Coates Bluff history, ABS board member
Stephanie Pedro, urban planner, ABS board member
Feico Kempff, land man, ABS board member
Garrett Johnson, bicycle advocate, ABS board member

See more names soon . . .