Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maurice Loridans' continued design work on the Monte Carlo bridge, Coates Bluff Trail, Shreveport, keeps the trail safe and witty

As part of recent summer trail maintenance Maurice Loridans repaired a rusted front roof edge on the early 1980's Monte Carlo that functions as a bridge on the Coates Bluff Nature Trail. The bridge, which brings a smile to the lips and brings cameras to the eye, is a popular surprise on the trail.

Surprise inasmuch as it is in the woods far enough from entrances - it is closest to the Valencia Park entrance - that it makes the viewer wonder "How in the world did this vehicle arrive at this obscure site?"

Lordians' primary design addition to the auto bridge was a wooden tongue that protrudes from the windshield area.

The nicely-carpentered board bridge takes the walker over the rusty, craggy engine compartment and extends to the east bank, overarching a leafy-bank shortfall.

On the east side of the bridge the trekker has a choice to turn right, headed toward Montessori School down the bicycle path, or to turn left. The left turn leads to more adventure, not having been developed as a clear greenway. It will take the walker toward the fence outside of the Riverview Apt Community. Not far away is Stoner Ave and, across the Fant Parkway, the Stoner Boat Launch and Stoner Skate Park.