2010 Annual Report

2010 was a pivotal year for ABetterShreveport.  Our beloved Downtown ABetterShreveport gained 501c3 status known as Texas Avenue Community Association, or TACA.  Shreveport City Council replaced five new seats, Jeff Everson, Oliver Jenkins (Chair), Michael Corbin, Rose McCollough, and Sam Jenkins.  Leading up to the big election, ABetterShreveport hosted a bike ride and a mayoral and city council Pub Quiz in early September.  The new City Council's energetic leadership was just in time for the Shreveport-Caddo Master Plan which was adopted by the City on December 1st, 2010.  ABetterShreveport is cited frequently in the Master Plan as an organization whom advocates for a high quality of life using best practices from progressive communities.  The Coalition for Better Stops was born in September through a lead up of meetings with Sportran, Shreveport Green, and SRAC.  In December, ABetterShreveport created the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance subcommittee and named Cynthia Keith as chair.  We closed out the year on December 31st with a hike on Coates Bluff to remember what a great year 2010 was for ABetterShreveport.org.


  • ABS spreads the word via our blog of what Cohabitat is and their first 'Jelly' event.
  • Members blazed a trail from Sevier St. by Montessori, through the forest along Anderson Bayou to Valencia Park.


  • ABS meets with Mike Strong, head of City's Department of Operational Services, who approves to using current utility easements for paths, and suggests all future easements should include paths atop them.

  • Tons of trash in Coates Bluff nature area cleaned up by ABS volunteers
  • Dr. Davenport leads Greenways course at Centenary in Environmental Studies
  • Trails constructed by ABS volunteers as Coates Bluff

  • National Park Service collaborates with ABS on Coates Bluff
  • ABS works with Parrish Commissioner Matthew Linn exploring Coates Bluff possibilities

  • Texas Avenue Community Association reports of their remarkable progress
  • Bike racks, dog parks, and DDA collaborations discussed

  • Farmers Market improvements proposed
  • "Time for ABetterShreveport" talk radio show first proposed (later debuted and still on the air today on KSCL, Mondays at 5:00)
  • Collective, "social" bike rides discussed and planned
  • New SRAC headquarters plan discussed as model of bike friendliness
  • Premier urban-quality-of-life site, "MetroJacksonville.com" features ABS
  • Hopes for historic Blue Goose development profiled on radio show
  • ABS member Feico Kempff flown to Smart Growth Conference by Committee of 100
  • City recycling researched: what's recycled, what's not, and what could be?

  • ABS calls for city rezoning
  • The "Coalition for Better Bus Stops" born as a subcommittee of ABS; Sportran, SRAC, SPAR, and Shreveport Green collaborators
  • Downtown bike ride with ABS members and City Council Candidates functions as a forum for discussing downtown redevelopment issues
  • ABS City Council Candidates Forum at Cohabitat features pointed questions, candidate answers, and stimulating discussion of answers over wine and cheese at Cohabitat, Shreveport's non-profit shared workspace

  • Attorney Jason Brown, Businessman Richard Sparke visit with ABS
  • Designer Gregory Free describes own vision of "Shreveport Common"
  • Highland Jazz and Blues Festival profiled
  • Over 75 riders participate in second annual City Tree Tour by Bike, "Velo Dendro"
  • Councilmen Jenkins and Lester attend ABS meeting
  • Dog Park discussed
  • Guest from Britain describe "Shelterbox" on radio show
  • Importance of Coffeeshops to civic culture discussed
  • Needs for Masterplan implementation noted
  • ABS member and Montessori Outdoor Education Program Director, Jon Soul, leads Coates Bluff Nature Trail walk