Coates Bluff

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History of Coates Bluff (Compiled by Susan Keith, Retired Magnet High Teacher)

Accomplishments To Date
Fall 2005 – Jon Soul’s children began attending The Montessori School for Shreveport (MSS); Jon took notice of Anderson Bayou and lots of dumping.

Fall 2008 – Jon Soul began teaching in the MSS middle school; began exploring bayou & adjacent sewer easement/maintenance road with students.
Spring 2009 -- Organized a large community cleanup of the bayou.

Fall 2009 -- Started Outdoor Education Program at MSS; began using 1/2 mile "nature loop" with all ages at MSS.

Winter 2009 -- Met with Mike Strong to receive permission to continue using trail -- verbal permission and support granted.

Winter 2009 -- Established foot trail with ABetterShreveport (ABS) extending trail to Magnet High School.

Spring 2010 -- SPAR installed gate in southeast corner of Valencia Park for Magnet and Valencia Rec Center students.

Spring 2010 -- 2nd community cleanup of trail from MSS to Valencia Park.

Fall 2010 -- Invited the manager at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge to come give advice on invasive species control along the trail (specifically Chinese Tallow); he brought Mike Renfro, a private land biologist with the FWS; both were very impressed.

Spring 2011 -- Magnet students began using the trail with teacher Robert Trudeau; Valencia Rec Center began using trail during "Winter Camp."

Spring 2011 -- 3rd annual cleanup: "Hopewell Cemetery Cleanup & Watershed Protection."

Spring 2011 -- EB Williams Stoner Hill Elementary installed gate on fence line in order to access trail; 5th graders used trail for first time.

Spring 2011 -- ABS assumed role of strategic planner for Coates Bluff development; Centenary College hosted 1stCoates Bluff community meeting - David Rowe, Centenary's president presides; working groups formed (ex. education).

Summer 2011 -- 2nd & 3rd Coates Bluff community meeting(s): mapping and conceptual design alternatives for the trail to help stakeholders come to consensus on values, programming, and use of the space. Outlined a clear set of values, brainstormed programmatic needs, and built a volunteer base. Discussed activities, fundraising, and governance/maintenance options.

July 28, 2011 -- ABS met with FWS; FWS is ready to secure funding for the trail and provide guidance in best management practices.

Aug 15, 2011 -- 4th ABS Coates Bluff meeting: Present concept design and proposal to stakeholders for review.

Oct.11 -- Steph & Jon presented to Bird Study Group

Nov. 6 -- Bayou cleanup with Centenary Students

Nov. 12 -- Coates Bluff trail opening celebration (tables by MSS, ABS, Walter B. Jacobs Nature Park)

Nov. 18 -- Walked trail with Wes Wyche

Nov. 27 -- ABS advocacy event -- worked on access trail for Stoner Hill Elementary. Channel 6 showed up