Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety Campaign to be discussed Monday

Shown here are some examples of campaigns
used elsewhere.
Caryn Jenkins will be our special guest at tomorrow night's meeting.  She'll be updating us on ideas for the safety campaign she's begun to coordinate.

Many organizations are part of this, some of which are groups that are not typically active in any sort of activism.

The campaign will be modeled on successful one's done elsewhere.  It could be part of the overall trend in making our cities more bike-able and walk-able.  Part of that is the way people are beginning to advocate for their right to bike and walk.  Times are changing!

As usual, we meet 6:00-7:00, Monday evening at the Wright Math Building, 2907 Woodlawn Ave., two blocks up from the Gold Dome on Centenary's campus.  Join us!

If you have thoughts on the best way to raise awareness for safety,
let us know at Monday's meeting, or through our facebook page.