Monday, March 2, 2015

Craft brewing and all local and small adding to our unique value!

Lani Duke just sent me this:

Here's a New Yorker article discussing swell of small breweries.

And there was an AP article recently covering how fast food chains are moving to smaller, "craft" specialty restaurants that do not carry their corporate logo.

Shreveport has retained many small, unique businesses who thrive on their ties to the community, in spite of the  clamor of corporate identities along the Youree Drive commerce zone. 

Urban planners have been recognizing a desire to return to a less centralized, village -centered gathering place/marketplace lifestyle, probably an over-idealized one but one that is heavily impacted by modern communications that enable forming of interlinked "communities" that may be widely geographically dispersed. This is an interesting time in which to live.

Indeed it is!  Thanks Lani!