Monday, April 14, 2008

Notes from last week's meeting...

Ian Webb, Maurice Loridans, Charles Gerrard, and Loren Demerath, in attendence.

Someone had brought up the fact that like the bike path north of 70th has become so overgrown it was barely 10 inches across most of the way. It was said that when you make a new thing, you've got to maintain it.

Perhaps you're going to get litter etc., but like anything, you have to maintain it. So you have to sweep the streets, for example. CG said the best example of neglect is veteran's park off clyde fant.

[Contemplating that now, I'd echo Charles to say maintaining any facility is like keeping garden. After you plant it, you've to water it, weed it, etc. So if we want the harvest, we've got to tend it.]

Maurice talked about how segregating cyclists can socialize drivers to believe that cyclists don't belong on a road that doesn't have bike lanes. He mentioned Sheila, Micheal Parker's spouse, both of Portland, who'd described color-coded routes for bikes indicating different uses, styles, etc.

Loren said he thought collaborating on maps was a great way to increase the awareness of cycling's possibility in Shreveport. It would apply to walking as well, when one person's favorite walks can be described and shared with others in the community who may not have even known anyone else walked that route. Sharing local, intimate knowledge of alternative transportation routes can be fun.

Someone said:

Loren said levees seem less than optimal for walkers and slow goers; boring cuz strait, a bit narrow, but pretty good for bikers, much better than nothing, even preferrable for road bikers on timetrail bars crusing for speed. Not preferable to streets in neighborhoods says ML; yes prefferable to streets say IW; L said yes, citing the neighborhood to the west of the levee on Shreve Island. But Ian got agreement from Maurice and Loren when he said: “all trails are good; but some are better than others, and are appreciated differently depending on kinds of users.”

Maurice: was in Bellingham, WA w/ sis-in-law; south of bay is trail you get to Fairhaven, one of best farmmer's markets; clear plastic roofs, one wall painted white, they show movies Saturday night (Chris Jay! Robinson at the F. Market! All day into the evening market?) All along the way you can pick black berries w/ beautiful view.

C: Youree Drive is the ugliest road in the world... doesn't have to be, if you imagine trees, etc...
ML: cyclists can't be crossing roadways all the time; bike trails intersecting with roads are extrmly dngers, cars aren't looking for people crossing by on trails. e.g., Navare Beach in Fla., where driveways abutt the trail, can't let your kids go on it cuz drivers aren't looking.

ML: light timing made sense pre49, now olive's terrible
too much up and down on olive, and line; highland and creswell N/S and herndon, dalzel, boulevard E/W

IW: establishing expectations and norms for bikers' presence through the bike lanes alone, use aside; don't need to see bikers to imagine and expect bikers.
You're going to get litter etc., so you have to sweep the streets.
CG: best e.g., of neglect is vet park

IW: cool stuff to do just in highland.
IW: even if we just take two streets, e.g., creswell and herndon (for slope and ease of biking olive, highland after...)

ML: highland is just fine for biking right now, and the bayous don't have any underpasses that are tall enough for cyclist to use to pass under.
IW: the bikers who aren't

3 cyclists killed last year in Shreveport, all in one month....

(ML on summer biking:) on a hot summer with the wind, you'll sweat, but you've got the tail wind pushing you

IW and ML: maybe we need a PR campaign, and just use the roads...
ML: the maps sheila was talking about, color coding different kinds of trails...
ML: i;d like to connect some things: thornhillgoing thrpough subdiv south of mccormiick

ML: victoria british columbia impressed me with densely pop'd condo's from which people use public transportation or “side paths” or “a grade spearated bikeway” the engineers would say.

Arkansas canoe club is much bigger than the Ozark Society; they thought of tesarkana as a site for a whitewater club. In Rockport, AR...

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