Friday, April 11, 2008

Excellect meeting Friday morning meeting. had 2 new attenders, and we talked about routes and models

I'll post my summary/minutes of the meeting as soon as I get the laptop up again, but let me say I just had a good conversation with Sharon Swanson again, who helped me better understand a point she'd making with me via e-mail: one thing we need to do at least alongside the specific project development is push the likelihood of success for such a project in the direction any EPA advisors, or funders would want. One of the conditions of the EPA's grant is that the community has already shown a commitment to smart growth. Putting in place the standards Sharron mentions below would help show that.

Sharon wrote: "Sorry I have not been able to attend your meetings and will not be able to attend on Friday. If you have not done so, I recommend that you look into the "complete streets" movement (

"Many communities and states across the nation are adopting street design standards that meet the needs of bicyclists, pedestrians, the disabled, transit, etc. Obtaining these "model" standards would be fairly easy. This is the type of policy that if adopted by the City Council (and Parish within the planning area?), would affect all new streets, and potentially any major street improvements.

"This could have a substantive impact on the future, while advocating for improvements for already developed areas."

Jeff and Tim and Chris, I think that means that what LA DOTD is doing at the state level, we need to do at the city level.

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