Monday, April 21, 2008

A Chance to Help Our Country!

A friend just forwarded the following e-mail to me:

Urge Your Senators to Cosponsor Complete Streets Take Action!

Legislation that would improve pedestrian and biker safety, increase access to mass transit, and support a healthier environment and lifestyle in communities across the country is under consideration in the Senate. S. 2686, the Complete Streets Act of 2008, introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (IA), would ensure that states consider the safety, interests, and convenience of all users, including drivers, pedestrians, transit users, and bicyclists, in the design and construction of future transportation projects.

You can help by contacting your Senators today and asking them to cosponsor S.2686 because complete streets:

* Promote public health by providing pedestrian and biker friendly streets that encourage physical activity and combat obesity.
* Allow the 33% of Americans who do not drive, including many elderly and low income residents, to have safe access to get to work, school, shops and medical visits, and to take part in social, civic and volunteer activities.
* Reduce our dependency on cars, resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion and costly repairs to our roads.

The streets of our cities and towns should be accessible and safe for people of all ages and levels of mobility. Please contact your Senators today ask them to cosponsor S. 2686, the Complete Streets Act of 2008.

The National Professional Association for Landscape Architects has a site where you can go to send a letter with minimal effort; it's all set up for you.

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