Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bike lanes seen, and imagined...

I thought I'd share what one of our group just e-mailed to me:

"I had an addition to the idea that Southern might be a good avenue for a bike trail - I notice that there are quite a few med students who seem to bike from the LSUS Med Center to the Highlands and South Highlands area. Many move here for school, and they are used to biking in their hometowns. One of the professors lives on my street. He bikes to the hospital daily. Although Kings Hwy is a mess, St. Vincent and other streets behind the hospital have ample room for a bike trail.
"To comment further on Sharon Swanson's comments, our family traveled to Cypress Bend on Toledo Bend a few weekends ago, and couldn't help but notice the bike trails on Hwy 171. What was once shoulder, is now paved and marked. Interesting concept."

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trudeau said...

Thanks for the observations about bike-minded people who have arrived in Spt via LSU Med center. Had no idea there were bike commuters on Southern Ave. But I see s few commuters wheel in and out of McCormick St near Line and they might be people to whom you've alluded.

I'd like to make an informal video of the highlights of commuting to work on a bicycle in Spt. Anyone to help me produce it? Want to be the talent?

Also, I'd like to shoot the Demerath walking crew on their trek.