Friday, April 18, 2008

Meeting Summary and To Do's for Our Bike Clinic

Good meeting today with Charles, Loren, Ian, Maurice, and Sally, again. We talked about various other things in addition to the following, but before summarizing that, I thought I should post the meat and potatoes of the meeting, which was the following:

For our “FREE CLINIC ON GETTING YOUR OLD BIKE ROLLING AGAIN” (or whatever we'd be calling it), here are our tasks and how they've been delegated—or not—so far:

Getting the Word Out:
advertizing via flyers posted in business windows, etc.
> Sally will have a proposed design by next week
advertizing via The Times, Forum, etc.
> someone wanna volunteer?
- advertizing via blogs
> Loren, Robert, Jon Schleuss, and others; Loren will work on a post and contacting Robert and Jon
- email lists
> Sally through South Highlands list
> Loren through Centenary list
> Ian through bike lists
> Maurice and others through their own

Getting Banners and Signs:
using clinic to recruit contributors to this group's efforts for a more bikeable Shreveport, options ranging from "complete streets" with bike lanes, to bike paths along bayous, to levee-top paths, converting narrow bayous to bike paths by capping with drains, etc.

Collecting Funds from ABetterShreveport contributors to pay for the above.

Creating a Formal Organizational Structure that allows funds to be tracked and makes the group accountable for use of funds.

more from today's meeting when I get a chance.

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