Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friday, April 17, meeting at 8:15, Centenary Square...

We'll meet again this Friday at 8:15 at Centenary Square, room 206.

The agenda will be planning for our free clinic on biking for transportation.

We're hoping to do it in one of the parking lots around Steinmart Mall, Guiseppe's, etc, and the idea is that we'd have tents set up by bike shops like RiverCity Cycling, and forums set up for experienced bikers to share tips on bike maintenance, routes to use, techniques for staying clean and presentable, etc.

We'd been talking about how we could promote it with messages such as "May is Bike to Work Month, Are You Ready?" Or, "If you want to bike more to get around and save gas costs, not to mention the exercise and fun of it, come to our free clinic, and we'll show you how."

We should also push forward on the EPA proposal. Given Sharron's recent comment, I'm beginning to see getting policies implemented as key part of the proposal. I might invite to our meeting leaders of some of other non-profit groups (in addition to the Highland Area Partnership who's already on board) that could join us submitting the application, though if they can't make it, we'd set up a separate meeting. Most of the rest of the EPA work at this point is stuff I can probably tackle on my own, but I'll keep everyone apprised of where it is in the process. Not sure the pieces will come together, but it's worth a try.

Anyway, Friday at 8:15, we work on the clinic, and maybe more on routes and styles of bike paths to propose to EPA.

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Kathryn Usher said...

Gosh, I hate that I work nights and have to miss those early morning meetings. Your work sounds groovy!