Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Web n Blog session, breakfast, happy hour...

We rescheduled the web stuff. At least a couple of us will be sharing our web/blog knowledge at Centenary's library Thurs 5 to 7-ish, then another set will be at Brothers Seafood for a drink at 5:30. Join us if you can, it'll be fun, as always.

For the musicians of us, just think what we could do in this situation when and if our goals to become reality. We play on the sidewalk outside 'til we earn enough for our beer! (er, and, uh, we don't have to be that good, since we don't drink like we used to, right?)

1 comment:

Schleuss said...

gaw! too bad I'll be on class till 6:30 this thurs.