Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun and Useful Meetings These Past Two Weeks

Last week some of us were at breakfast at Strawn's Friday. Steve, Jeff, and Stephen are all occupied otherwise at a table about a Center for Civic Engagement, but they filtered over afterwards and talked some with myself and Ian Webb and Jon Soul. One thing we talked about was the need to get information about easements from the Levee Board. I said I was going to follow up on the info Murray gave me to ask about G.I.S. maps.

I met with April Dahm and Charles Girard for an introductory blog session at Centenary's Magale library on Thursday and Friday. We did things like draw a map of Highland, and post it on a new practice blog.

Late Friday afternoon April, Charles, myself, and Maurice Loridans met for drinks and discussion. Maurice is an example of living the car-lite, bike-heavy lifestyle in Shreveport. He's even printed a pamphlet that educates people on the rights of bicyclists to the road, the reasons why he bikes, and how his own biking practicies and attitudes have evolved over time. (I want to post that pamphlet Maurice!)

As for this week, when many of the educators among us are on break, four of us had breakfast today at Strawn's, Ian, Loren, Wayne (last name?) and Adam Ferrell. It was Adam's first time at any of meetings, but he's a pedestrian version of Maurice, noted above. Adam walks and rides buses and lives a comfortable upper-middle class life here in Shreveport without owning a car.

I hope the rest of you get a chance to meet Adam and Maurice, and that they'll join us again soon.

Any objections to a Tuesday breakfast day at Strawn's? 8:15? We need to decide on the project to propose for the EPA grant, and what non-profit(s) or government office we would apply from.

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