Monday, March 24, 2008

KSCL interview by Jon Schleuss

I was just interviewed by Jon Schleuss, the KSCL station manager, about our blog. Jon is interviewing a number of bloggers in Shreveport about what they do and how they've used blog medium. I talked about our network and how we've used the blogs to distribute and archive information, how it's allowed us to communicated ideas for Shreveport in new and effective ways, such as with maps, drawings, photos, etc., and how it's brought people into our network.

However, being such a novice blogger myself, after the interview I asked for Jon's advice on blogging since he edits the KSCL blog. Like our own Robert Trudeau, he knows a lot about it, and I wanted to share what he said for those of us who want may want to do some blogging in the future:

He talked about how what you put in tags affects the number of hits you get, and how a site called monitors them. Sitemeter accounts for the author's own visits, and also shows where people are connecting from, which allows you to get referrals, showing how people you. You can then change the site, the tag keywords, etc., to match the terminology that others are using.

Jon also told me about google alerts, that send you e-mails on what's been posted on a given topic, how being linked on other sites draws people to you and raises your position in the 'blogosphere,' that the New York Times recently published an article on how to begin a blog, and that Blogging Heroes is a good book published just recently where 20 different top bloggers are interviewed, who post anywhere from 30 times a day to once a month, but are still popular because of their points of view.

He also mentioned, googlereader, and

Thanks Jon!

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