Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Greenway, Cylcovia, and other topics at last meeting

In attendance at the last regular meeting: Matthew Linn, John Inman, Maurice Loridans, Loren Demerath, Carolyn Manning, Cynthia Keith.

The group discussed:
  • the Coates Bluff greenway route
  • sharrow painting
  • group riding and greenway events
  • cohabitat's planned shared workspace
  • what would attract young educated people to move to Shreveport
  • a new stretch of greenway from Alexander to Gregg St.
After updating the group on the past weekend's trail plotting, Matthew mentioned that Robert Vienitie is the engineer for the Riverscape development. We discussed the different route options, and whether or not there needs to be a path through development the development at all.

Maurice noted that the paint on the sharrows was not going to last and that we need funds for lasting paint. Matthew mentioned that that city officials had told him they could help us find appropriate paint.

Carolyn has joined GRITS (Girls riding in the streets) and will report on what its like.

Maurice talked about our naturally occurring Cyclovia moment that's approaching for the two major parades. (The one pictured here is in Bogota.) The area in front of Shreve City is only part of the route that has to ridden around, but there people can use the westbound lane freely. Maurice and wife Valerie will be wearing costumes, and the Demeraths are planning on riding as well. The group won't officially meet anywhere, but it does have to be done before the parade starts, and you've got all afternoon to do it. (Loren has since scheduled a meeting time at; sign up there and see it under Carolyn's group "Urban Bikers".)

John Inman, a student at LSUS who commutes to class by bike, volunteered to help with painting, and will also share his favorite routes on the map of recommended bike routes we've been compiling for NLCOG. John has also volunteered to be interviewed by KSCL about his bike communting to LSUS and work.

(For some reason the group then discussed the association of ADHD with lead... go figure.)

It was noted that Cohabitat's first "Jelly" was well recieved at Columbia Cafe; 30 people attended. Carolyn noting she plans on leasing the group room when she gives seminars. It was said the anticipated rate was $24 per day, which would give one a desk, free access to coffee or keg beer or whatever they have on hand; access to a quiet room, and a group room. Examples given included someone who does contractor work and doesn't want to meet with people at his home. There are attourneys who rent space where the executive suites are in the Beck building, but those are closed spaces there, and not the shared open space that Cohabitat would offer and that would invite more collaboration and create more sense of community.

Carolyn received a call from a small tech firm that wanted to know what there was for young people to do in Shreveport. She mentioned Mardi Gras, restaurants, bayous and fishing and hunting, the Norton art gallery, Sciport. Loren mention that poker tournaments are now a real draw for educated people who are not gamblers in the classic sense of betting against the house; poker's popularity has become a national phenomenon.

The group then discussed the new greenway behind Centenary. Matthew talked about the trails he used to walk along Pierre Bayou between Alexander, Elmwood, and Gregg St. The group examined the map and became excited about the possibilities of this trail, part of which goes through another urban forest. Loren later communicated the possibility to the head of the Centenary Environmental Association, Malari Coburn, who already expressed interest in creating a trail along the bayou between Alexander and Kings that runs behind the Centenary athletic fields, shown here.

Carolyn talked about starting a meet-up group (which she did the next morning, and which Loren has since joined). One of the purposes would be to start to meet at a certain time to go on a ride together. Allowing people opportunities to bike together lets them experience biking in Shreveport in a very safe, secure, socially enjoyable way.

Carolyn and Cynthia expressed concern that Greenway Day won't happen because it takes time to plan it. Matthew says it'll happen, not to worry. Loren expressed confidence in Ian's organizational abilities based on his track record.

Next week's meeting will be Greenway focused, with students from Centenary possibly attending.

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