Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Centenary Students Give Student Perspective at Last Night's ABS Greenways Meeting

A quick summary of last night's meeting:

Present were Mallory Coburn, Sarah Savage, John Davenport, Loren Demerath, Carolyn Manning, and Feico Kempff.

We were unusually good last night at creating a list of realistic, short-term to-do's (thanks Mallory!). These were aimed at the proposed new greenway section from Alexander to East Elmood.
Among the tasks:
  • contacting Matthew Linn to ask him to be a leison with the owner of land who he happens to know (Loren)
  • drawing up a document that describes how no harm would come to the owner by leasing the land to a greenways land trust.
  • Carolyn's been working a lot on the greenways publicity package and will show that soon, but to allow her to finish that, Loren will be sending her the summary of the research on how property values increase and crime rates decrease with the addition of greenways or bike paths to a neighborhood.

Mallory mentioned that painting crosswalks at the streets that intersect with the bayou/ditch would help with any trail; and maybe a flashing light to cause cars to notice and stop.

Sarah noted that Centenary could sponsor educational sessions for biking safety and etiquette; also recommend routes to students for getting around the city; especially for getting to Target, Barnes and Noble, etc. Could be for elementary, jr. high schools, etc., could do it at the gold dome parkinng lot; could then take them outside the parking lot to show them it's o.k. To ride. Mallory said if I'm awaren of a rudimentary path/trail that's safe and away from traffic; asking or not for permission but just making the trails. Establishing trails would be useful to show people where to go; otherwise you're caught in an unsafe ploace.

John asked which route would be best to establish first? Pierre Bayou from Oakley to 70th was noted; easiest to do.

Sarah noted most students don't have their bikes here; Carolyn said the culture could change. Mallory said if we have a trail it would facilitate use. There are groups that could be asked to use a trail, that could then...

It was mentioned that a meet-up ride event could help establish a trail along whatever section of a clear, wide drainage ditch area we choose.

As others have noted, the presence of bike racks downtown and around the city could get people thinking about riding around town.

Feico had just come from Metropolitan Planning Commission meeting on Greenways and green systems; MPC has engaged Goody-Clancy to update their development for the next 20-30 years; They discussed greenways and parks and how they come about through donations and developers who are required to set aside land; often don't come about through planning. Most of the implementation will take place through zoning. The changes will come about through ordinances. One of the problems in the older part of the city is large trees falling or being cut, and an ordinance could make people to have to replace trees if they cut them down.

Carolyn described the ordinances used around Dallas, and how they help maintain the value of nieghborhoods. Planting bradford pears vs. trees that canopy can hurt the neighborhood.

Tomorrow, members of the Coates Bluff Greenway team will be meeting with Sharron Swanson and Paula Hickman to explore the ways Sharron's firm might be able to help us, and how we can create an organization to handle the funding for the project.

Next week, we'll meet about where to paint sharrows for biking, Greenway Day, and as well other topics and events related to making our city more bikable and walkable!

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