Monday, February 15, 2010

Downtown Group Forms Teams and Publishes Sign Up Sheet

From April Dahm:

What a great meeting we had last week. It seems as though we are really gearing up to do some big work. We have divided into 8 working groups to get this project off the ground. These groups will change, grow, morph, etc., as we continue on. We will meet again on Wednesday February 22nd from 11:30-12:30 at Artspace in the basement. We are discussing moving the meeting to a location along Texas Ave. as well as expanding meeting times to evenings.
If you were not able to make the meeting last week. Please look over the list of work groups. If you see a group that you would like to work with, email me (April, at the name of the group along with a phone number where group members can reach you.


Personally, I'm signing up for P.R. and Streetscapes and Parks right this minute! Let's go Downtown!

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