Monday, February 1, 2010

Animal paths followed for north section of Coates Bluff trail

Another group of us this past Sunday continued the task of plotting a trail from the Montessori School up to Stoner Ave. Jeff Jeff Girard, Maurice Loridans, Ian Webb, Jon Soul, Will Smith, Janine Demerath, Loren Demerath and Feico Kempff all pitched in.

Here, Jon Soul points to an animal path.

A bit further on, Gus Demerath points to a large earth mound, the humble abode of some creature that no doubt never attended Magnet, even living so close!

At various points we were torn as to which side of the water to go on. One idea is to have a "loop" where a low traffic, more primitive trail is on one side, with a higher traffic, better packed trail on the other. Of course, where it actually goes on the eastern portion would be at the discretion of the Riverscape Developers. Where ever it ends up being, though, people living near it are likely to value it.

Pictures don't do it justice, but it's really a beautiful setting. This shot is looking over the bayou pond to the high school through the trees. Turtles, fish, snakes, foxes, beavers, nutria, who knows what else. All part of the beautiful natural world!

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