Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You for the Bike Symbols Commissioner Linn, Mayor Glover, Councilman Walford, and Director of D.O.S. Strong!

Hope Matthew doesn't mind that I post this. But for those wondering about the bike symbols that appeared on the streets recently, here's an official account mailed to Mayor Glover, Councilman Walford, and Director of the Department of Operational Services, Mike Strong:

"Mayor Glover,

"Thank you for allowing Dr. Hallie Dozier of L.S.U., myself and friends to paint sharrows on certain streets marking safe bicycle passage from South Highland to Downtown Shreveport. These markings are very inexpensive to apply and bring priceless heightened awareness that something other than an automobile is allowed on the street. When people who are only accustomed to driving a car or truck are informed of the new "Louisiana 3 foot law", they will be grateful to have a friendly reminder of being respectful to bicyclist.

"The template of the "Bicycle Sharrow" has been donated to "A Better Shreveport" I encourage everyone to work together to make our home, Shreveport, easier and safer to navigate by all means of transportation.

"Matthew Linn, Caddo Parish Commissioner, District 4"

Thank YOU Matthew! And thanks to Cedric, Monty, and Mike as well! Onward and upward in adding the little (and big) things that make for a healthier, funner, better Shreveport! (yes, "funner" is a word. really.)

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