Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another City Redesigning Itself for Health and Quality of Life

What cities will be the first to act on the idea that the future of our health and happiness is rooted in human powered transportation? Maybe the "next great city of the south" (a Shreveport label during the last mayoral race) is WAY down south!

Thanks to Jeff Wellborn for the following from
From the National Times of Australia:

"The State Government has committed $13.5 million for bicycle initiatives in NSW in the current financial year including new bike paths, education programs and local road works.

"There are currently 4100 kilometres of cycleways across the state and Transport Minister, David Campbell has committed to build shared bike paths "wherever practicable" when new roads are built.

"Around 40 kilometres of bike paths were built as part of the M7 motorway project and dedicated cycleways were built as part of Busway projects in Sydney's north-west and south-west.

"Shared paths are being built on Victoria Road as part of the duplication of the Iron Cove Bridge.

"Of the $13.5 million, $4.7 million is being used to co-fund 93 local bicycle projects with local councils on a dollar for dollar basis across the state.

"But the City of Sydney council's commitment to better bike paths is much bigger than the State's spending.

"It has pledged to spend $70 million over four years as part of its plan to build a 200 kilometre network across the inner city. A short separated cycleway on King Street in the CBD has been completed and planning is underway for separated cycleways in Union Street Pyrmont, College Street in the CBD and Missenden Road Camperdown."

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