Monday, November 16, 2009

Help from NLCOG in Sharrows for Bike Routes?

At tonight's meeting we marked more Shreveport bike routes on the maps provided by NLCOG (Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments). When we're done with them, and Lisa Frazier comes to pick them up, we'll make a request for their help.

What we'd like is their help getting sharrows painted along all the routes we're marking, just like those that were painted for the tree tour a week ago, and pictured below:

We believe we've got strong support from Mayor Glover's office--Matt Baily, Brady Blade, Dale Sibley have all expressed support for this kind of thing--as well the City's Department of Operational Services director Mike Strong, and of course Matthew Linn, Caddo Parrish Commissioner.

NLCOG will be the holder of these maps, but we don't want to hand them off if nothing is going to come of our work on them.

So, Lisa Frazier! Kent Rogers! Chris Petro! Will you help? Make Shreveport a happier, healthier place, all with just a bit of paint!

Thanks in advance!
(Posted directly from tonight's ABetterShreveport meeting at Centenary Square.)

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