Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shreveport at the top of its game: the Highland Blues & Jazz Fest 09

Given the smooth functioning and growth of the event, a study of the development of the Highland Blues & Jazz Fest is in order for those who care about the city.

Strengths of the fest:
- sundry crowd, both in age and ethnicity.
- family-oriented.
- food and crafts booths adequate to nourish the crowd.
- beer.
- effective sound system (Glenn Graves, a veteran).
- smart team of volunteers, including fest founder Amy Loe, announcer Liz Swain and many more.
- handsome and soulful faces for the numerous photographers.
- opportunity for many attendees to avoid the car and use the bike.
- Chicken Masala, by India's Restaurant, was scrumptious and only $2.
- an example for the city of an effective neighborhood fest.
- Highland in its best light: safe, convenient, multifarious.

I suggest that ABS consider finding and installing a bike rack for next year's fest. The many who rode bicycles to Columbia Park tucked them everywhere. Symbolically it would have been cool to have almost all the bikes in one area. An info table for the ABS mission is also something to discuss.

- Robert Trudeau / photo by Talbot Hopkins Trudeau

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Michael Carmody said...

I like your list of positives. I'd add "DOGS" to my list.