Thursday, October 8, 2009

Other notes from last meeting

On potential partners, in particular we noted from the school board, Dawkins would be great; reads own email; Charlotte Crawley is school board member for this district;
Bessie Smith from Stoner hill; Howard Allen as well, and President Willie Pratt, and Deborrah Coleman of the community garden (which looks fantastic!) at Valencia. Mike Strong of DOS, Shelly Raigle and Tim Wachtel of SPAR; Monty Walford, Dawkins and Vinet in particular perhaps for this meeting.

David Aubry noted that we need to be succint, know what we want; have action items; don't want have more meetings. Be efficient with organized, quick, effective ways to make it happen.

We'll provide food for the lunch meeting. Would be October 19th.

In construction students of all types could help, from Centenary to Magnet.
The national guard oughta' be able to help; they do trail building and civil engineering projects; could cut costs that way; boy scouts another resource; national guard has equipment...

It was noted that when we consider the final plan, not all planners have experience with greenways; at some point we have to decide on the money we're gonna raise; in Roanoke the greenways board put the package together; we'd raise money privately and... we create a linear park and turn it over to parks and rec. department; would sharron write an initial conceptual plan that would cost estimate the actual plan; that could be contracted out to a planner with experience.

don't let them leave before asking them for: 8 feet of access that ties in stoner; dream of what we wnat and ask for partners; we've to other people on board, make some feel guilty if they're not on board

if sharron would draw on the map the trail and let people see it; can sell it;
kind of like to have dr. leuck go through and work the trail around certain large trees;

can get flagging tape with knot on the side of the trail.

NLCOG has money for safe routes to school; Dan Marcalus noted his father's work in Iowa; grants for transportation; Safety-lu; federal highway money; has to be some local match;

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