Friday, October 16, 2009

Another recent convert to daily biking: Pete Haas, Shreveport, modified Trek

Bass cellist Pete Haas spends summers in Chautauqua, NY, performing classical music in an idyllic community. "Almost all my commuting in Chautauqua is by bike," said Haas. On his return to Louisiana this year he decided on a commuter bike for basic travel in East Shreveport.

He got advice from bike advocate / Red River Cycling owner Ian Webb, who recommended this modified Trek. Haas says his sister-in-law in California rides on a similar extended cargo bike.

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Loren said...

Pete! You could strap your bass to that thing! I happen to play with a bass player who's also an avid cyclist. Now he's got a reason for new toy! "Honey, I need a cargo bike for my bass. Need one."

...So Robert, when you gonna take my pic? Maybe with my kids? Hey. Bike profiles by Trudeau... That could promote the cause!