Thursday, October 1, 2009

Historical Sites Signage, City Tours, and Getting Inside Downtown Homes among the topics at last ABS meeting

To briefly summarize the last ABetterShreveport meeting, Kern Courtney raised the idea of having signs posted around the city that would describe the importance of a particular site in terms of such things as historical events, notable architecture, or natural features such as rare flowers or state champion trees (see posts on this blog about the Velo Dendro tree tour of the city coming this fall--yes we've got at least one champ in our midst!).

Though there are currently historical marker signs, one improvement might be organize them and display that organization effectively. One could post signs of their locations on a posted map of the city, perhaps at central locations like City Hall, the Visitor's Bureau, the City Bus terminal, etc.


One wrinkle to the idea was to have a "mashup" of maps online, and where one could click on "tree tour" "historical tour" or "architectural tour" and see the sites posted on a city map with a recommended route one would take for follow the tour by bike.

It was also suggested that each location could have number posted on its respective sign. That number could be an extension of a phone number people could call on their cell phones. They would then hear a prerecorded lecturette (perhaps with background music, who knows?) on the site.


Hmm. Is there any stimulus money available for that? You hear that a lot these days, but it's an appropriate question for another idea of Kern Courtney's, that we ask that our city park restrooms be rennovated to include some of the ammenities that other more modern ones have. Those include no-water urinals (cleaner, and less maintaince as well being more eco-friendly--Centenary's got 'em thanks to Jeanne Hamming's Go Green initiative at the college) and ventilated toilets that are used at parks elsewhere.

It was noted that the amount of resources a city invests in its parks is a sign to business and "creative class" skilled-laborers that Shreveport is a place that cares about its quality of life, and is a good place to live and locate.


Speaking of good places to live... downtown? Are you nuts? Well, Cynthia Keith gave a testimony to the knock your socks off beauty and luxury that some people have achieved in downtown living spaces. Cynthia described what she saw on the homes of downtown tour sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority a few years ago.

With the talk of the new cultural district providing incentives to people to live downtown, is it possible to display images on a forum such as this of spaces like Cynthia saw? Could one do it without violating the privacy of the homeowners? Perhaps by not posting the owners name and address if so desired by the owner, and not showing window shots that would give the location away? It could inspire people to move downtown.

...Especially if we can get a Target downtown! (uh-oh. just lost some of you, and I didn't even use the "W" word.) Or a Trader Joe's and a Borders. (there. are we good again?)

Next meeting: Monday, October 5th, 6:15-7:30

Join us!

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