Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mission statement and objectives for the Downtown Group

This was sent to the list from Caroline Majors in regard to the Downtown group:

I have come across a few related publications that I'd love to add to our discussion about street improvements/bike infrastructure downtown.

The second link takes some time to download... but it's worth a look!

Also, in terms of discussing our mission, I would like to offer that there is a difference between a mission/vision statement that defines our purpose, our values -- and a set of principles, goals, or objectives that help us achieve our mission. I think both are valuable and work together. But ideally principles come from the overarching mission.

Also, all four of the values we discussed for our mission statement (Economic Prosperity, Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Vitality, Social Equity) are measurable. Attached is one brief example discussing the measurement of social equity. I think that, particularly in our community, social equity is a crucial value to consider in anything we pursue.

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