Monday, March 5, 2012

This is my bus stop and my path to my bus stop--UNDIGNIFIED to maintain in this below-par way!

Dear Mr. Negrete and Mr. White,

I am sending these photos in response to the grass cutting work done
on Pierremont between Dogwood and Youree Drive on Friday, March 2,
2012. On Friday as the crew was still on this site, I called Streets
& Drainage and asked them to call me back leaving my name and number,
to notify them that the lack of weed-eating and grass covering the bus
bench and not mowing the grass growing over the sidewalk is
unacceptable. She said that the complaint would be communicated to
the supervisor in the field. The site still stands undignified today.
I called again just now and spoke with someone who told me it would
be 4 to 6 weeks before this would be addressed. When I asked her for
her email in order to explain in photos the unacceptable work, she did
not know the difference in an email address and a website address--she
kept telling me She had to ask someone else in
order to give me your email addresses.

Is this how you leave a bus bench after mowing?  No, it does not blow off.  These photos were take 3 days after the mowing occurred.  And you leave the trash there in a bag???

Also, the curb is missing and needs repairing with concrete, not
asphalt (see photo).

There are plenty of people today that would value their jobs more than
what is valued in this circumstance, from the supervisor in the field,
to the clerks in the office. Please do respond to this email and let
me know when you plan to resolve the undignified work that has been
done incorrectly.

Stephanie Pedro


Steph Pedro said...

A city worker had been called out to the site and called me back. He agreed that it is a mess. He was very nice, but hadn't seen the photos that sent, or really knew what I had complained most about. I told him it was the sidewalks--they are almost completely overgrown west of Akard. He said that this will be a 'project.' The crew is going to have to scrape off the grass with shovels due to years of neglect. I bet some people didn't know there were sidewalks there due to the high grass and overgrown grass!
Still, the flow of information is nonexistent. It's going to take more citizens to help reimagine public governance. Using social media tools is the key how.

Loren Demerath said...

It's true that social media, including email and facebook, blogs, etc., can start the information flow. They need to know we expect good quality work and care about our city!

Steph Pedro said...

In less than one month, city crews came out to the site and scraped the sidewalks free of grass, and made some repairs to the concrete, and curbs! This was all done without having to burden the city councilman! Way to go, Shreveport!