Sunday, March 25, 2012

Centenary College's "Big Event" helps make BIG progress on Coate Bluff mountain bike trails!

The mountain bike trail on the east side of the Bayou Pierre slough will complement the Coates Bluff nature Trail, and has begun to take shape!

Centenary students on a morning of public service called The Big Event were brought to Valencia Community Center on Sat, Mar 24, and divided into work groups by Dr. Loren Demerath, Centenary Sociologist and ABetterShreveport member. Along with ABS member Robert Trudeau, two members of Centenary's biology department, Dr.'s Ed and Beth Leuck, help lead teams that worked towards each other on the north-south section of the trail. Trudeau and Leuck's team began clearing above the bike green at River Oaks Dr. On the east-west section, Centenary pre-med student Luke Lisherness was among an all student team that headed east, eventually meeting up with a team of made-up almost exclusively of the Centenary Math Department with Dr. Katherine Brandl, Dr. Mark Goadrich, and Dr. Mark Schlatter, and also DR. Greg Butcher, head of Centenary's neuroscience program.

The main work remaining on that trail is a job for a good power mower. ABS also proposes a cut through the forest along the access road to reach the bike path underpass. (We plan on talking to Cole Guthrie, lead developer of the new L.L. Coleman development there and the much-appreciated guest at last week's ABS meeting about that possibility!)

View New and Future Trails in a larger map
The blue lines represent the trails cut yesterday, the red lines segments yet-to-be-made, the purple is the proposed connecting trail.

More info to come on future work events. Meanwhile the curious may find abundant evidence of the morning's work by heading into the woods on the Coates Bluff nature trail at either of the two entrances: next to the Montessori School on Sevier St., or through the open gate at the southeast corner of Valencia park.


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