Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving the I-49 connector through Allendale: is there a community forum Tues, Mar 6, at 5 pm at Superior Steakhouse?

Lee Jeter, Fuller Center, called this afternoon with the news that Rep. Roy Burrell would be holding a forum this week on connecting I-49 via a non-loop, through-Allendale route. That forum, according to an email blast seen by Jeter, would be held at Superior Steakhouse on Tues.

"The people at Superior told me there was a meeting scheduled for 5 pm on Tues," said Jeter.

A call to Burrell's office at 4:30 pm did not result in an answer.


Garrett K. Johnson said...

Interesting how the fate of the Allendale community is decided by individuals meeting in a forum at one of the nicest restaurants in town, far away from the people who have the most to lose from their decisions.

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