Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Velo Dendro Shreveport: planning the 2011 event for Sat, Oct 22

Velo Dendro Shreveport, 2010 by trudeau
Velo Dendro Shreveport, 2010, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Notes, Velo Dendro planning meeting no. 1. Robert Trudeau & Garrett Johnson.

Event is Sat, Oct 22!
Basically we are going to continue to enjoy the
support of Matthew Linn and Columbia Cafe and start and end the event
at the Cafe. Hallie Dozier will continue to lead the ride.

We reviewed insurance material from League of American Bicyclists and
sent email to a representative to try and get the insurance for free!
As we read it the fee would be $75 then there is an unspecified
additional fee about which we have inquired.

Robert sent an email to Ron Sheppard, Pratt Industries, requesting a
re-up of $500 grant to cover expenses.

Garrett proposed ending the Velo Dendro with a Dog Park fundraiser at
Columbia Cafe, to be submitted for consideration to Matthew Linn.

Garrett and Robert considered a handout at the ride, but felt that
perhaps a map on the website/.pdf of the route might be a better use
of materials.

T-shirt: We would like to find an alternative to the traditional
t-shirt. Maybe move to a different material, such as a thinner
material. Messenger bags, bicycling caps, or a large fluorescent
patch of material, bike badges, etc. We'll have to look further into
customizable goods for bicycling. Garrett has a cycling cap from
Spokepunchers, a company out of Pittsburg who does bulk, customizable
orders. Maybe we could do a bulk order of Veldo Dendro/ABS cycling
caps and sell them at the event for those who would like a
one-of-a-kind memento.

Marketing: Reach out to the Shreveport Convention & Tourism Bureau
through Chris Jay for ideas to fully publicize the event this year.
Tactics such as a Facebook event and email newsletter (Jack Waterman,
would you be willing to take this design task?). A poster
communicates a branding opportunity and opportunity for businesses and
individuals who share our vision to demonstrate it. Robert reinforced
the notion that this poster should be a cutting edge and modern view
of the bicycle commuting community, maybe with the inclusion of one of
our members on their bike with big, smiling face.

Publicity Stunts: Like the Mayor Glover bike riding photo op from the
elected official ride. Pre-ride media event such as having elected
officials (Oliver Jenkins and others) riding a leg of the Velo Dendro
ride as a photo op.

Goal 1: Have a ripple effect of being able to pay designer for work,
professional photographer, and Matthew Linn/Columbia Cafe to name a
few whose in-kind services we employ.

Goal 2: Specific invitations to community leaders from outside our
East Shreveport Region such as Cat Daddy, Pamoja Society, Sankofa
Gardens, Hindu Temple group, Deborah Coleman at Valencia, Grace
Peterson, etc.

We await your helpful suggestions!

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