Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 27 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Mike Mayo, Jennette Ginsburg, William Hartman, Feico Kempff, Carolyn Manning, Susan Keith, Cynthia Keith, Robert Trudeau, Garrett Johnson, Jack Waterman

Capacity Building

Jennette explained Any future issue that ABS has can be enhanced through Please tell your friends and colleagues to sign our petition demanding crosswalks at three intersections currently in design mode: Youree/Kings; Youree/E.Washington; E. Kings/Shreveport-Barksdale Hwy.

Jennette has been looking at Google Group emails and splitting up our communication channels with the general membership using MailChimp monthly or bi-monthly newsletter with special editions. Mike mentioned that some stuff can be automated.

Jennette suggests a point person for our communications and massaging our minutes. It’s important that this stay brief, and Robert will lead the effort. Jennette will send an email to abs and inform them of the changes this week.

There will be a separate board-only google group. A separate committee group, like Coates Bluff, should have a google group. The Dog Park Alliance has a Facebook(FB) site as their media. Brian Salvatore’s group Education group should have a google group. The radio show group needs to post on the Abettershreveport Facebook page. A Facebook site could be the radio show group. We will use keywords to link back to the blog.

Jack is going to get a site for us to upload to a plug-in. Stephanie will send a webapp.

Jennette asked if there are any other groups that need to be added. We should have a link to TACA, HRA, Community Foundation, and Minicine on the website and blog.

Coates Bluff

Robert got in touch with Larry Raymond, and Larry thinks it is too much for his group.

Garrett will ask Montessorri if we can hold the meeting there.

Member Updates/Remarks

Garrett thought bicycle caps with ABS logo is a good sale item for Velo Dendro.

Stephanie ordered chalk for the Velo Dendro.

Jack said that there are drawings of naked women and profanity when the 'I Wish I Were' stickers were posted on abandoned buildings. It would be good for an event to be shortly posted on the buildings. Another one that Candy Chang did was a mural that says 'Before I Die I Want To...'.

James Scott, Stoner Trails FB page is wanting to do a path from the VA to the Veterans Park. Carolyn has been following him on FB and has invited him to invite ABS to volunteer. Carolyn will coordinate beginning two weeks from now. Jennette thinks it would be a great introduction to cross interests and memorialize veterans. ABS is in need of a member ride, so expect one in late July/early August!

Tuesday, the ordinance for off-leash laws was read. It was offered if we need support.

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