Friday, June 10, 2011

Coates Bluff Strategic Planning Meeting II


In attendance: Jon Soul, Garrett Johnson, Nadine Charity, Michael Hartford, Caroline Majors, Robert Hattan, Mary Anne Bowie, William Hartman, Feico Kempff, Maurice Loridans, Jeanne Hamming, Jack Waterman, Kim Mitchell, Sid Crump, Roger Barnes, Pam ___

Stephanie Pedro briefly announced the following working groups that were defined in the first community meeting:
  1. Education and Curriculum Development. Jeanne, Robert, Deborah and Jon
  2. Transportation Connectivity Loren, Maurice, Donna, Tim and Stephen
  3. History Archeology− (Need to recruit working group leaders)
  4. Nature−John Davenport, Jon Soul
  5. Physical Planning/Governance/Maintenance −Mary Anne, Fieco, Stephanie, Caroline, Murray and Kim
  6. Outreach/Marketing−Nadine, Kelly and Michael (Bring artists to interpretive event)
  7. Funding

The Education and Curriculum Development group was the first to meet, and Robert opened the discussion to report on their meeting. The group decided during the meeting that the Education and Curriculum Development group had to be something bigger than just teachers. Jeanne followed up with talking about how they are structuring working groups within working groups. They have categorized the materials into environmental ed, history (archaeology, cultural history, website ( for teachers & educators, has calendar, links, like Facebook). Getting on our edmodo group is pretty easy. Go to and set up an account. You can be a teacher or student. Doesn't really change much, except that as a teacher you can create new groups.

Once you have an ID, just click on join group and put in this code: cc3yf1

Jon: Susan Keith brought a bunch of resources—a draft story that she shared with her 9th graders (history, maps). Jon took her materials and put into a presentation report style that he will make available to people of interest. In that report, there are different articles by Dale Jennings, the process for getting the historical marker for Coates Bluff, and other articles in Shreveport Journal. What a nice document to have on edmodo!

Caroline: Currently, we have no implementation plan because our grant was disqualified due to the Audubon Society not having a local chapter. If we want to engage other avid birders and naturalists, there is a $75 fee to start an Audubon Chapter that is willing to meet monthly. The chapter does not meet monthly or pay fee.

Caroline will share the grant narrative to edmodo. The value of distributing it is that there is content to build on.

Jeanne offered to the group if they will send her the grant narrative, she can find grants.

Feico wants to help establish a Corporate Endeavor Agreement between the property owners (CEA).

Murrey Lloyd created a model through the Audubon society with an agreement between the City and State that we can explore how it could fit with our vision.

Red River Wildlife Refuge is another collaborator that we need to contact soon.

Maurice asked if anyone was a member of the Shreveport bird group. Larry Raymond, Roseman, and Robert’s dentist are all members.

Robert will ask Larry about the Audubon Society.

Maurice questions whether Audubon will be amendable to the fact that there is a sewer right-of-way along the path?

Mary Anne Bowie has donated the first $20 of the $75 to the Audubon Society dues to becoming an Audubon Society group. Jon Soul has matched Mary Anne's $20.

Larry & Murrey thought about birding opportunities.

Think of it as a Central Park.

Kim: need to understand the philosophical undermining.

Sid: what’s the objective? Break grounds. Bike/walk way in.

Kim: understood wilderness, bikes are a forced element to a natural area.

Mary Anne: Coates Bluff needs to be multi dimensional; room for everyone. There is enough area to work with.

What really drives decision-making?

Maurice: use bayous into multi-use path.

Wilderness means untouched—this is a utility ROW. There are areas that are suitable to be fixed to multi-use trails.

Maurice: City has tolerated people to whip out machetes and create Stoner Forest to what they want it to be; benign unknowing. Do what you want to do.

Caroline: The goal of planning would uncover multiple desires and is solved through design to choreograph the ideas. Physical plans will give us options.

Mary Anne—the sooner we can do something that looks like framework, the better, even if it’s rough.

Nature Conservancy—called them once already. Mary Anne suggested to go sit face to face. Ask for their help to us get through this.

Pam--Partner with biology professors

Mary Anne—On the conceptual map, draw the circle bigger and define areas.


Mary Anne—show UL Coleman as a stakeholder in this.

Jeanne: David Rowe mentions that we need 2 narratives: door opening and wallet-opening.

Letter & graphic. Coherent, visionary, meeting multiple needs simulataneously. Physical environment will have tradeoffs.

Mary Anne—incredible opportunities await once the concept is on paper.

Sid—does LSU do research, or can the trail be extended?

Contact Red River Wildlife Refuge

“ Red River Watershed Institute

VA—reach out

Vision: Safety and visibility

Nadine: public artists will organize a show in October.

Robert has 150 photos to back up what we are talking about.

Caroline had mentioned the graphic of looking at road capacity w/ cars, transit, pedestrians.

Nadine shared her Bike Lexington event and gave givewaways.

Jon proposed to meet one month from now on Coates Bluff and discuss the narrative/graphics.

What can you do?

  1. as a teacher, and once you have an ID, just click on join group and put in this code: cc3yf1.
  2. Join a working group of your choice (or two).
  3. Read the docs that our group is posting, and give your input.
  4. Encourage others about this group and see if they would like to join and help us find funding and legal advice on how to protect the land through a land trust or some other preservation-oriented solution.
  5. Volunteer to contact the Red River Wildlife Refuge.
  6. Volunteer to contact the Red River Watershed Institute.


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