Friday, May 7, 2010

An Urban Group Hike for Shreveport? Why Not?

Steve Godfrey wrote: Maybe we can have a hike/walk like this one that they're organizing for the Lafitte Corridor Greenway in New Orleans; notice that they're having refreshments and music as part of the event:


Grab your walking shoes and a water bottle and join the Friends of Lafitte Corridor for their annual hike of the Lafitte Corridor on Saturday, May 8th. The free, public hike will start at 10:00 am at the front gates of Armstrong Park and finish at 1:00 pm with return transportation provided by Massey's Professional Outfitters. While hiking the Lafitte Corridor, you will learn about future plans for the three-mile pedestrian and bicycle greenway connecting Lakeview to the French Quarter, while stopping to enjoy refreshments and music. Registration is free at folc dash nola dot org

And where would we hike in Shreveport? Well, we've got a greenway too, along Clyde Fant. We've also got other possible routes into downtown or out to 70th and Youree that could be publicized as walkable by walking them together.

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Amy Bentley said...

I'm formerly from Shreveport, so when I learned that friends of mine in my current hometown who are on a bike tour across the country would be rolling into Shreveport within the week, I just had to send you a message.
Check out their web site.
I believe they would be interested in connecting with you and your group.