Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday, May 7th, come join the members of CoHabitat for Friday FREE for ALL!

The above photo is from a New York Times story on shared workspaces, & the following announcement is from John Grindley:

Get out of your stuffy office (or cubical, or Starbucks, or spare room) and join us for an afternoon of productive work at the CoHabitat space at 610 Commerce Street! Starting at noon, we're throwing the doors open, and inviting all of our friends and fans (likers!) to get out of their normal work space and work from our space for a few hours. Our friend, Matt Bailey came up with the brilliant let's try it out.

Perks will include networking opportunities, a chance to grow your business and your social capital, work from our stainless steel desks, great internet, great coffee (thanks Columbia Cafe!), a chance to get some fresh air on our wifi patio, and an overall sense of well being to head off into your weekend!

Jessica can probably even be talked into picking up some snacks for the impending masses. Pizza, beer, and you can bring whatever!

Friday afternoon, come whenever you can...the more the merrier...Bring your laptop, cell phone, and whatever you need to work and let's do this...

Hopefully, Cohabitat will bringing the recent national success of shared workspace to little old Shreveport. The idea is that you work in an open space sharing essentials like wifi, coffee, and meeting rooms with others who have complementary interests and skills. It draws on the same priniciple that urbanization does: mobility and connectivity leads to productivity. So, while we'd all be helped by spending some time on Facebook once in while, we'd also all be helped by spending some time at places like Cohabitat!

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