Sunday, May 23, 2010

Street Painting Set for June 5th, Social Bike Rides, and Community Supported Agriculture Discussed at Last Meeting

In attendance: Carolyn Manning, Laura Crawford, Russ Roca, Maurice Loridans, April Waren, Loren Demerath, Cynthia Keith, Susan Keith, Pam Raintree

The group chatted about how fun it was to have celebrity guests at our meeting: Laura Crawford and Ross Roca who've bicycled around the country, while seeking stories of unusual living. They looked happy and fit, as you'd expect.

We discussed the bike sharrow painting to begin the meeting, and set the date for June 5th, Saturday at 9:00 a.m., meeting at Betty Virginia before setting out to paint the Creswell to Downtown and back by Highland route. We're grateful to Mayor Glover who has said he would help us get paint.

We'll also be looking to borrow a compressed air tank to blow off dust and pollen, and we think we know someone who'll lend us one.

Russ and Laura mentioned the green lanes in Long Beach's business district have been used effectively. Russ was interviewed about them. The best application is colored asphalt; its higher dollar, but lasts longer. Somewhat controversial 'cuz seen as a recreational path sometimes vs. just for transportation; motorists perceived they were not allowed to be on the lane. When Russ returned after a few months there was more order in how they were used; the lanes doesn't actually change the legality of how the roads are used.

Asked what works to get people pedaling who wouldn't otherwise; Russ said social rides as in Austin; they're socializing as well as learning how to ride and routes. All using volunteers to organize the rides.

Bike paths wouldn't be as useful for bikers when they're packed with dog walkers and you can't get by.

Russ first used the beach path in Long Beach but saw it's limitations in access points; getting to where you want to go was sometimes a problem. However, Laura said for getting out on a bike and getting accustomed to it, MUPS as good; they'll get you used to biking.

Maurice reported on being interviewed about the legislation requiring a light on all bikes. Maurice surveyed other bikers and to a person they didn't like it. Congressman Waddell who initiated it called Maurice and asked if it was only required at night if he'd support it; he said he wouldn't object; Hallie Dozier and the BRASS folks opposed it in that form as well. The bill died in the house by just two votes. An ammended bill passed the house and awaits the senate. Now it doesn't have a penalty, so people can be pulled over and lectured, and maybe asked for their identification (green cards--one person worried).

Another bill that mandates complete streets is being discussed in committee in Washington.

Another bill seeks to penalize motorists not giving clearance...

Share the road license plates was unanimously approved.

Cynthia described the Trampin' in the Park event coming on Saturday.

Russ noted that Austin Social Rides are a recommended model for getting people biking. The most important thing is to have a good website and have a good facebook page; Austin on Two Wheels is a model. Can connect with bike shops, don't have to be the only author. Can have the illusion of numbers and gave the example of now bike friendly oak cliff in Dallas, where one guy wrote about how it'd be great to have a trolley, and that cuaght the eye of developers and now they're going to have it.

April announced that if you care about the food that ends up on your plate, there's a couple in Jefferson Texas who raises grass food beef, and she also gets wild rice in Baton Rouge. It was mentioned that Jennifer Courtney, who's attended an ABS meeting in the past, runs a food coop. There's also a CSA community supported agriculture farm in Greenwood, but can pick up your share in Shreveport. Can go to and find these people. Maurice said he can't find local produce through that other than Marvin's Gardens and Ed Lester's in Cashatta. Used to put in order on Wednesday and pick it up on Saturday at Whole Food.

Carolyn and April are doing the Great American Bake Sale at 2121 Fairfield at College St. intersection Saturday for childhood hunger at 100% of proceeds donated to

The next meeting will be in two weeks on the 31st.

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