Saturday, August 8, 2009

next ABS meeting to work on Coates Bluff project with Park Service, and Bike Routes Proposal

First, hats off to April Dahm and the rest for organizing an impressive downtown master plan meeting. Over 70 people attended! Hats off to them as well. Let's all stay involved, and demand that our ideas for our city are taken seriously.

The next regular meeting of will be Tuesday the 11th at 8:20 in Centenary Square. We'll likely work the following:
  • promotional materials for Coates Bluff
  • letter to the mayor's office
  • the Bike Routes Proposal
We'll decide on what materials to send to Stacye Palmer of the National Park Service for the flier she'll be making for us--photos, maps, overall description of greenway, different functions of the greenway and nature trail, partner profiles for project, etc.

We'll review our final draft of the letter we'll be sending to the Mayor's Office that makes a specific request for implementing bike and pedestrian improvements to the city.

We'll review a rough draft of a specific proposal we'll be presenting to the Department of Operational Services for bike "sharrows" and bike route signage.

We're now officially a non-profit organization. We just received our certificate from the Secretary of State of Louisiana. We'll be setting up a meeting to establish our by-laws, likely next Monday or Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. Those are also possibilities for our regular meeting time once school starts again, so feedback is most welcome on which of those times is preferrable.

Even if you're just curious to see what our meetings can be like, please join us!

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