Thursday, August 27, 2009

(Site Changed to Government Plaza!) Major City and Parish Meeting Monday at 1:00

A special thanks goes to those in the city government who alerted us that it the meeting isn't at Independence Stadium's skybox, as first announced, but is at the Council Chambers at Government Plaza on Travis St.

(Hmmm. Seems like a late meeting announcement too. Powers that be aren't trying to avoid public participation in the master plan, are they? Do they need to be reminded that democracy may be time-consuming and inefficient, but it's the only thing that separates us from the dark ages? Hope not. Could be just that wires got crossed somewhere along the way during the chain of communication.)

The following was sent by April Dahm:

The following information was given to me today by Matthew Linn, Caddo Parish Commissioner. Please take this VERY seriously and make every attempt to attend.

The Shreveport City Council has called a meeting with the Caddo Parish Commission at 1p.m. this Monday August 31, 2009 at the Independence Stadium skybox. This meeting will be advertised in Fridays newspaper printed by The Times. This meeting will focus on a positive outcome for the Master Plan.

We've all heard a lot of discussion to why plans, studies, and projects have difficulty getting off the ground in Shreveport. WE ONLY CAN COUNT ON OURSELVES TO TO ADVOCATE FOR OUR VISION AND SEE THAT THERE IS ACTION.

We hope to see you on Monday! And thank you to Matthew Linn for keeping us informed!

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