Wednesday, August 26, 2009

By-Laws Approved at Monday's Meeting. Vote on Board Members and Officers Next Monday. Those Interested Asked to Submit Bio's.

Here's a summary of our last meeting:

In attendance: Jimmy Couvillon, Milton Hutchinson, Robert Trudeau, Feico Kempff, Maurice Loridans, Ryan Tew, April Dahm, Steve Godfrey, Susan Keith, David Aubrey, Matthew Linn, Cynthia Keith, Jon Soul, Sheri Kerr, Caroline Majors, Loren Demerath, Ian Webb. (Others? Please comment to this and let me know! Sorry I missed you! - LD)

Visioning forum discussed: people commented that it seemed to be a useful experience, particularly for starting conversations on important topics for planning the city.

Several more people paid their annual dues of $5 to become voting members of ABetterShreveport. (Feel free to bring yours to the next meeting and be eligible to vote for board members and officers!)

The by-laws were unanimously approved! Before the vote, there was some discussion of the by-laws on points related to the calendar year, voting procedures, and number of people on the board, officers, and whether the executive director need be a board member. Approved by-laws are posted for any to view.

PLEASE NOTE: Board members and officers are to be nominated and voted on at the next meeting. It was suggested that those interested might submit short bio's for to be posted
. E-mail Loren at if you'd like to do so.

The Coates Bluff Greenway was described and progress reported, including discussions held at the Visioning Forum. It was noted that a number of people at the forum were aware of the project.

Progress on the Bike Routes Project was described in terms of plans and discussions held with various people at the forum, including with Mike Strong of the D.O.S. Caroline Majors, a professional urban planner who has joined the group, noted that bike lanes on certain kinds of roads will do more to encourage non-cyclists to try cycling than would sharrows, but she also acknowledged that a mixture of both types would be useful.

The Downtown Group reported on their progress on planning a regular downtown lunch meeting, and on their goal of creating a coalition of property owners. It was also noted, though, that if the group were able to create a persuasive vision of what downtown development can be and what it would require of owners, owners can then be approached asking if they would participate in making the vision a reality.

I think all would agree it was quite a productive meeting. Guess that timed agenda works!

The next meeting will be Monday at 6:15 p.m., again at Centenary Square, room 206. (Across the street from George's Grill; enter from the back parking lot and you can't miss us!)

The agenda will be sent out soon. As usual, suggestions for items are welcome.

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