Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tomorrows meeting: Logos and Lingos!

Tomorrow morning at 8:20 we'll discuss the logo for bike route network, possibly logos for the different routes themselves, and a logo for this very forum,

We'll also try to settle on a name for the network.

As Steve Shelburne, our resident Shakespeare scholar would probably tell you, that guy didn't know much. For example, what's in a name? Everything!

A good name for our network of recommended bike routes could make more people use it. It would make it easier to talk about, remember, advertise, etc.

Some acronyms have been bandied about:
The "BAHN" Bicycle Access Highway Network (connoting Germany's Autobahn, and using a bicycle wheel as a logo)
The "BARN" Bicycle Access Road Network (and using a rough map of the city's network that would resemble a barn's profile)
The "BiRN" Bicycle Route Network (and billboard showing relaxed, smiling bicyclists just gliding with the slogan, "Feel the BiRN!" could promote it).

That's on the agenda for tomorrow. Join us! The coffee will be fresh!

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