Monday, July 27, 2009

Tomorrow's meeting agenda, Facebook, Coates Bluff explorations, etc.

First off, if you're reading this, you might be interested in joining our Facebook group. In the first three days of the group it's grown to almost 700 members. It's nice forum for having discussions (there's a few going on already), and for sharing information about things that could help us improve our city.

So, if you haven't joined us already, consider joining and inviting your "Facebook friends".

Anyway, we'll meet tomorrow at 8:20 at Centenary Square, as usual. Again, that's across the street from George's Grill; enter from the back parking lot and you can't miss us.

We'll talk:
  • update on non-profit status
  • to do's on the bike routes plan
  • to do's on the Coates Bluff greenway
    • report from Robert and Loren on what they learning on their scouting hike
    • (an idea that came to us was removing the fence going along the edge of the forest and having that be a paved bike path go along the back borders of Magnet HS and Swepco Park before going into the forest below Coates Bluff)
    • Stacye Palmer's help with promotion, our further thoughts on design, routes, etc.
  • logo for ABS letterhead
  • improvements to site
  • improvements to site
  • discussion topics for Facebook site
  • other uses for Facebook site
Join us!

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