Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coates Bluff / Stoner Hill nature trail exploration

Intrepid trekkers Loren Demerath and Robert Trudeau recently grabbed vegetation cutters, gloves and long sleeves and picked their way along the proposed nature trail territory that lies between Caddo Magnet High and the Fant Parkway.

Trudeau, who has taught geography at CMHS for decades, had never explored the terrain adjacent to his classroom. "For years I've taken my students to the fence to discuss the terrain on the back side or river side of Magnet. But I based my remarks and questions on historic material and geographic generalities. Now I'll be able to give first-hand descriptions. And I was surprised to find an active bayou at the bottom of the old Bayou Pierre channel."

Both of the hikers felt strongly that the forest - cut through with old pathways of varying size and direction - offers a rich opportunity for development as a historic and nature trail.

Initiative and research for this proposal has come from the equally intrepid Jon Soul and Feico Kempff.

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