Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Presentation at City Council for Trails Network Effective and Well-Attended

Thanks to those who attended the City Council meeting yesterday! The council saw you, and that had to help nudge them forward!  So thank you, Kelly Pledger Weeks, Cynthia Keith, Katherine Brandl, Maurice Loridans, James, Patrick Furlong, Matthew Linn, Kathy Fontaine, Lani Duke, Sam Whittington, Brittany Smith, Ema Viskozki, Cathy Smith, Rob Ajluni, Kelly McDade, and others I've probably overlooked.  We know many couldn't come but support the notion of a network of paths for transportation.

Those of you there heard Jeff Everson's advice to us on how to move network of paths close to reality, and we had a great conversation with Dara Sanders about it afterward as well.  Next Monday night's meeting we'll be debriefing on all of that and planning our next moves. 

The gist of it all seems to be: we can make a city trails plan largely by ourselves, and use that both to apply for grants, and also to get others on board for what a paths network could do.  Join us Monday night to strategize!  6-7 at the Wright Math Building at Centenary.

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