Monday, November 11, 2013

Next Education Forum---Update

      One of the things that we discussed at the ABS meeting on Monday night was the best time to hold our next Education Forum.  Recently, there have been some very encouraging developments in the Caddo Parish School District.  First of all, the CPSD recently hired a new Superintendent, (Dr. Theodis Goree), who starts next month  He is a capable, young and energetic person, whom we have high hopes for, and whom we believe the CPSD was fortunate to hire in the middle of the school year. 

    Second, the CPSD is on the verge of forging a "shared partnership" agreement with the Louisiana Recovery School District (RSD), thereby managing to avoid an outright state takeover of several of its most academically troubled schools.  CPSD Interim Superintendent, Dr. Mary Nash Robinson and RSD Deputy Superintendent for Transformation, Mr. J. DeLano Ford, should both be commended for negotiating this partnership agreement, something that is really unprecedented in our state!   We are pleased with this tentative agreement, because we believe that it will help our students a lot.   We would also like to believe that last month's special ABS Forum on Education played a small part in helping to facilitate this partnership.

     Considering all of this, we decided to wait 2-3 months before holding the next ABS Education Forum.  This will allow the RSD and CPSD to continue to work together, in peace, and also provide our new Superintendent some time to assume his new responsibilities here.

   Then, in February, we can invite Superintendent Goree to be our special guest for what will surely be another interesting and constructive Forum.

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