Saturday, February 23, 2013

NLCOG Bike Path and Strategies for Changing Public Prayer Customs in Local Government at Next Meeting

At one of ABS' recent meetings public prayer was discussed.  We noted the possibility that politicians might welcome to opportunity to grandstand in favor God, love, and all that's sacred. That means we need to creative with our strategies, not bullying.  Along the way we can be affirming and uniting as well.  (Atheists believe in love and sacredness too, by the way.) So, such strategies will a topic at the next meeting.

The first topic at Monday's meeting though, will be NLCOG's new bike trail.  If you're in favor of bike paths, bike lanes, etc.  Come and discuss it with us.  

And by the way, we'll have a guest from the press who'll be interested in your thoughts!

(Summaries of the last two meetings are coming; thanks for your patience!)

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