Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hiking the newest section of Coates Bluff Trail, one marked by Feico Kempff this week

P1100146 by trudeau
P1100146, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Mon at the ABS meeting I got a gift from Feico Kempff: a map of a newly ribbon-blazed Coates Bluff Trail extension.

Did not imagine I would be using it on Wed afternoon.

But I had an intrepid group of student nature trippers who said, "Is there someplace we could trek different from last time?" Having just come over the Monte Carlo bridge I thought, Why don't we tuen east and explore the Feico extension? We did it.

Twas a terrific adventure. We came out on the side of the construction site neat Stoner and Fant. We trekked over to the skate park, then back to Magnet. About an hour and 15 of walking. Best parts: the ridge above the slough, the bamboo forest, the pile of cross-trail logs over which we had to climb.

Happy students and teacher.

If you have not lately been on the Coates Bluff Trails - there are now 3 pathways - I highly recommend you slip out there. It is lyrical.

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