Monday, November 26, 2012

Monte Carlo bridge over old Bayou Pierre on Coates Bluff Trail, Shreveport, tests well with 30 Caddo Magnet HS students

"It was the first time I've ever taken a group on the new addition to Coates Bluff Trail, a segment that may be called Coates Bluff Link," said Caddo Magnet HS teacher Robert Trudeau.

30 students in Fine Arts Survey trekked back to Magnet via the new section. "I knew from photos that Maurice and Valerie Loridans had recently been working on that section of the trail. We saw orange paint on a lot of the trail's stobs. When we got to the ditched Monte Carlo, we saw the Loridans plank bridge. I knew it was time to test the work," added Trudeau.

Students enjoyed the crazy bridge. Only one student decided not to try the span.

"The addition of a second piece of trail adds variety to the journey. Not to mention the fabulosity of the Monte Carlo Bridge. The trail has become a better adventure than ever," said the teacher.

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