Monday, November 12, 2012

11 cyclists joined the A Better Shreveport ride to the Texas Ave Makers Fair

The artisanal cyclists route from Rhino coffee to Texas Ave and Common St, the Makers fair, was the careful work of cycle commuter Maurice Loridans.

There was a big-picture detour to the entrance of LSU HSC to view their well-used bike racks.

The tour went past Southern Ave sites, including Liz Swaine and Steve Culp's historic grocery-become-a-home and by the warehouse renovated by Allen and Erin Berry into a special events center.

To be sure, most Shreveporters - some 4000 attended the fair - arrived at the site via motorized vehicle.

But the endorphin-filled bikers of A Better Shreveport have initiated a tradition of a group ride. Please plan on joining us for the spring Makers Fair trek.

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